Campus Sustainability

A growing number of colleges and universities are leading the way in campus sustainability and female empowerment by offering free or subsidized Dot Cups to their menstruating students. We’ve created a program to make it easy to reduce the environmental footprint of your campus, empower your students to avoid the cost, fuss, and toxicity of disposable period products, all while providing women around the world with life-changing menstrual solutions.


Free or Subsidized Menstrual Cups

Whether you want to provide free Dot Cups to your students or sell them at the campus bookstore at a subsidize rate, we’ll guide you through the entire process and offer discounted pricing, customized promotional materials, and tips on finding funding.


On-campus Events

We love visiting campuses and hosting discussions around all things menstruation, from the anatomical impact, to the environmental impact, to the global impact. Invite us to your campus!