Her story shouldn't end
with a period.

But the devastating truth is, for thousands of women and girls around the world, it does. On average, a young girl in a developing nation will miss around 60 days of school each year due to a lack of access to menstrual hygiene products. No person should be forced to fall behind in school or work because of a natural and beautiful part of their human anatomy.

For every Dot Menstrual Cup purchased, one is given to a woman or girl, providing her with the opportunity to prioritize her education, work, and community involvement without shame or interruption.


Our distribution partner, World Vision, is one of the most robust humanitarian organizations in the world with proven and sustainable approaches to poverty eradication, child protection, and investment in the women of a community. World Vision is also the leading non-government provider of clean water in the world, providing a new person with clean water every 10 seconds. A lack of access to clean water makes every aspect of life extremely difficult, especially menstruation and sanitation, which is why we've chosen to follow World Vision's lead in determining the best communities to distribute Dot cups considering cultural appropriateness, clean water access, and other social and environmental factors. 


Banner photo © 2018 World Vision