You've used tampons since day one.
Now there's a better way.


Your Mom, your friend, your sister, handed you a tampon or pad and you've used them ever since. But what if you could choose better? What if you could save time and money, preserve trees and protect panties, all while empowering a girl in need? Your best period starts now.

So much to say! I wasn’t sure the Dot Cup would be a contender for heavy day 2, but it’s killing it! I had never used a menstrual cup before this, but I’m blown away by how easy it is to use!
— Erin, Des Moines IA
This cup is softer than other brands I’ve tried, which makes it easier to insert. It’s so comfortable and easy I almost forget I’m on my period! You have an ambassador for life.
— Jess, Seattle, WA

For every Dot cup purchased, one will be given to someone in need.