You've used tampons since day one.
Now there's a better way.


Your Mom, your friend, your sister, handed you a tampon or pad and you've used them ever since. But what if you could choose better? What if you could save time and money, preserve trees and protect panties, all while empowering a girl in need? Your best period starts now.

I’m still amazed I can go all day without leaks or changes and can’t even feel it. It grossed me out at first, but when you think about it, tampons and pads aren’t much different, they’re just what we’re used to.
— Deidra, Nashville TN
I love knowing I’m showing Mother Earth some love - the amount of unnecessary waste due to tampons is sickening. I’ve also saved hundreds of dollars!
— Hilary, Des Moines IA

For every Dot cup purchased, one will be given to a girl in need.